Agent of Change Foundation

Agent of Change Foundation is a registered Section 88 charitable foundation (IRD Charity No: 91/14118) in Hong Kong. We focus on poverty alleviation and providing assistance to the underprivileged through social innovation and life education.



Our main duties include:

1. Coordinating the global social innovation movement, ‘Liter of Light’, in the Greater China. We are committed to providing affordable and sustainable energy solution to people with limited or no access to electricity.

2. Partnering with Facebook in promoting digital citizenship and social emotion learning in the youth community.

3. Promoting social entrepreneurship through innovation projects and internships, inspiring the younger generation to become social innovators.

4. Providing all-rounded supports to teenagers through career and life planning campaigns.

5. Promoting the suspended sharing, a pay-it-forward poverty alleviation campaign

In 2017, we partnered with the Home Affairs Department and MTR Corporation Limited, setting up our first local store "Day Day Goods" in Tin Shui Wai. We aims to improve the living standard of the deprived in Tin Shui Wai by providing affordable quality daily necessities. At the same time, we will be able to provide job mobility training to our employees, preparing them for future career progression. We wish establish a social enterprise that is “From the deprived, By the deprived and For the deprived”.

Litre of Light


Litre of Light is a global, influential project, including the elements of environmental protection, sustainable development, poverty relief, STEM education, application of innovative technology, global citizens, design thinking and so on.


In 2nd October, 2016, Liter of Light (HK) launched the first event in Hong Kong - Light You UP. 250 participants took part in the production of solar lamps and learnt the knowledge of green energy and the working principles behind.


The solar lamps produced in the event was given to the grassroots and overseas needies. Agent of Change hopes that the participants could learn of the science theories and become global citizens who care about the society so as to promote humanitarianism.

Life Education

「2 Hours For A Life」

Values of lives are regardless of age, sex, race, politics and the divergence of faiths. We must all attach importance to anyone who thinks about suicide, and sincerely and earnestly listen to their opinions.


Agent of Change Foundation works with Facebook and sincerely invites you to respond to "2 Hours For A Life", everyone pays 2 hours and stay with friends in need around you. Send this message out to save lives. Start with yourself and save your own friends.

「2 Hours For A Life」

Watch「2 Hour For A Life」promotion video:

曾俊華先生支持「2 Hours For A Life」活動

The former Financial Secretary, Mr. John C Tsang supports「2 Hours For A Life」promotion video:

Everyone has a high and low, ups and downs, and in the predicament, there will be a moment of fatigue and they will want to give up. Conversation may not solve the problems faced, but it can find exits for emotions and life. As long as you are willing to speak, I will listen. Please speak out, I would like to listen quietly and walk with you!

VIVO - Insect Kingdom Charity Musical(2017)

Agent of Change Foundation is concerned with the suicide problem of schoolchildren. We hope to let the schoolchildren understand the value of life through life education in order to ease the problem of suicide.


In September of 2017,we had held total 6 charity musicals and invited about 500 underprivileged children and families to freely enjoy the musical.

《VIVO - Insect Kingdom Charity Musical》is revised from picture book「活著」. What is the meaning of life? To study and work? Or to feel our own lives?

Introduction to the story:

Ken-Tai was dedicated to investigating insects and hoped to become an expert on insects when he was little,however, he gave up his dream because of the objection of his parents. He often thought of "life" and "living". Once he went back to the playground he used to go in his childhood and met a mysterious boy. The boy indicated him to a pipeline,something strange happened. After passing through the pipeline, Ken-Tai entered an another world, Insect Kingdom. Ken-Tai overheard that there was a piece of magical mirror which could change everything. In the journey of finding the mirror, Ken-Tai recalled his childhood memories in the bottom of his heart.

​Event Highlighting:


What are the difficulties and challenges faced daily? What is the purpose of living? In the face of the future that cannot be seen in life, where can Kentai go from here? In the end, Kentai took away a gift that could change his life in the Insect Kingdom. What kind of gift is this to allow Kentai to bravely live a life?



The former Financial Secretary, Mr. John C Tsang visited the scene behind the scenes to cheer up.


​The Executive Convener Mr. Bernard Charnwut Chan came to share his feeling to the musical.


The organizer took a group photo with the guests, including: From left to right: Mr. Wayne Chau, founder and CEO of the Agent of Change, and Mr. Mr Tai Keen Man, the former Deputy Director of Broadcasting (Programmes), Radio Television Hong Kong, Mr. Chan Cheuk Ming, the founder of Peiho, and Mr. Francis S.K. LAU BBS, the founder and Chairman of RHL International, and Ms. Wong Chui Yee, the director of the Tsuen Wan Youth Drama Society, Ms. Lillian Lui Lai-hung,  Principal of Yuen Kong Kindergarten, and Kenneth Foo (Hello), Pei Ho Counterparts.

2 Hour For A Life

The program brings together people and experts (including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc.) who are concerned about the problem of school children's suicide, and those who have tried to be suicidal, and hope to stand by them.

We worked with experts and theater educators to create a forum theater, interact with classmates in a forum theater, let students participate in interactive discussions and explore solutions. People and experts shared the meaning and value of life, to convey the message of rebuilding lives.


We keep on ​promoting life education,especially to student and children. If you feel interested in our promotion and activities, feel free to contact us.


Besides,you could also help us through donation for the budget of our functions,it would support our duties and promotion.

Support Life Education

Everyone should respect the value of life, understand our own feelings.

There are long-term adversities on the road of life. In the difficult situation, it is inevitable to get tired and want to give up. But when you know the preciousness of your life, the people and things you meet, is to train yourself to be a better self, you will be willing to face interesting challenges every day. Whether it is difficult or simple, try to solve it. It is not difficult to detect your progress and know the meaning of persisting in life.

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